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About Us Cont

Pink Moon Yoga and Wellness adopted its name from the full moon that graces our presence in the month of April, in celebration of Spring, the season of rejuvenation. Spiritually, the Pink Moon signifies rebirth and renewal. After a long, dark winter, the revival of the color pink is a refreshing dose of beauty and happiness. The Pink Moon is a reminder that life is merely a cycle, one in which we experience both hibernation and reawakening. Spring's beauty may disappear for a time, but it always returns, more beautiful than ever before, its vibrant colors appreciated in a new light.

We can all agree that the year 2020 was a challenging year. In the midst of a global pandemic we have faced the hardships of COVID-19, which has unfortunately taken lives, affected jobs, permanently closed businesses and caused an overall burnout for most. We strongly believe that now, more than ever, we must unite as a community, whether that means in-person or virtually. This year has certainly been one for the books, and we think most can agree it has been very stressful. 

It should come as no surprise that stress affects our mind, body and spirit and if we don’t find constructive, healthy ways to cope, we will eventually start showing signs that stress is taking its toll. The mind-body-spirit connection means that our wellness comes not just from physical health, but from mental and spiritual health as well. To be “healthy,” we must pay attention to all three aspects of our nature and realize that everything that impacts us physically will also have an emotional impact, and vice versa.

As  the founders of Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness, we hope that joining our community will challenge you to aspire for self-love  and nurture your mind, body and spirit, and we will be here every step of the way to guide you through this rejuvenating practice, no matter where you are in your journey.

Each of these three wonderfully unique women have lived very different lives, until their paths diverged into one, as they allowed the gift of yoga to unite them. If you ask, they will say they are soul sisters, destined to be unified in this life. They can attest that without a doubt, yoga can bring people closer together, with an unspoken sense of encouragement, creating a community organically. They believe that sharing a yoga class can make strangers into friends as we work our way through asanas and meditations. While we each are drawn to yoga from various predispositions, beliefs, and backgrounds, we are each on a personal journey and we join together seeking growth of the self. When yogis practice together, we inspire each other to flourish and thrive. Through experience, we find that yoga is a practice in the same way that life is a practice. When we practice yoga, we are working with the way we experience every moment, every interaction, every emotion. Walking into a studio where everyone knows your name, cares about you, and helps you develop is our way of supporting your journey. Part of our mission is to cultivate that sense of community here at Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness. The instructors are all certified in their various specialties, and together share in the goal to help each participant feel comfortable and welcome at our studio. 

We want you to know that every body is welcome, no matter your size, shape, age, gender, or identity. We offer classes for all levels, beginners and advanced yogis included. We strongly believe in the importance of honoring yourself on your mat, respecting those around you, and accepting each other wholeheartedly. Each teacher has a unique approach and a personal touch they express in their teaching techniques that gives you a diverse learning experience. Our Studio offers more than just a yoga class, it’s an experience; a connection to Self- mind, body and spirit. Between well thought out sequences, lighting and music, we hope to create a home for you to be uniquely YOU.

So if you are looking for a studio to begin or continue your practice, look no further. We are elated to welcome you with open arms to Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness, where we will encourage you to let yoga lead your way to self discovery, while helping create balance and peace in your life. We will be here for you through the ups and downs, the hibernation and reawakening. Welcome home yogi.

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