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Pink Moon Flow

Vinyasa - All Levels

This upbeat, slow to moderate paced Vinyasa class is designed with postures to build core strength, to encourage stability and flexibility through proper alignment, and to fill the body and mind with positive energy while consciously linking movement of the body with the breath. Expect a lively playlist as you journey through a well rounded flow that will leave you feeling ready to take on whatever the day brings.

Yin & Meditate

Yin - All Levels

on summer vacation - will resume in fall

Yin Yoga and Meditation is a combined practice of turning inward to create a reservoir of wellness for our everyday living. Yin Yoga is an embodied tool that includes long-held and deeply-nourishing seated and floor poses that target our fascia and nervous systems. The poses help to improve circulation, create joint space, mobilize tissues, and release tension-while the process helps to cultivate mental focus towards a meditative state. Optional hands-on-touch will be offered to facilitate a deeper experience. The class will end with a guided meditation in sitting or supine position (Yoga Nidra) to allow one to connect with what’s innately wise and inspirational. This class is for everyone. Prior Yoga experience is not necessary.

Morning Espresso

Express Hatha - Beginner/All Levels

This class is just what you need to reset your day and incorporate mindful movement in your weekly routine. In this 45min class, you will be guided through a sequence that works on your strength and flexibility and won't make you break a sweat so you can get right back to work!

Now 3x per week!

Moonlight Movement

Vinyasa - Intermediate

Make your soul sweat! Practice powerful movement and unwind at this intermediate evening vinyasa flow. Practice chaturangas, planks, arm balances, and other fun challenges! Modifications offered to accommodate yogis of all levels.

Mindful Flow

Vinyasa - All Levels

This class is the perfect place for someone looking for an hour’s worth of heart-opening peace, movement, and purposeful stretching. In an accepting, inclusive environment, you will be guided through sequences of static and dynamic postures designed for Level 1 yogis (with modifications always available to accommodate all.) Together we let go of stress and replace it with the beauty of mindful movement.

Flow & Glow

Vinyasa Sculpt - All Levels/Intermediate

Inspired by yoga and Pilates, this fusion class integrates a traditional vinyasa practice with core-strengthening Pilates techniques. Improve posture and create a strong, stable foundation for movement in this yogalates class. 

Moonlight Unwind

Restorative - All Levels

Wind down from your busy schedule in this candlelit therapeutic yoga class which utilizes props to help you ease into postures and surrender to the poses. When the body is fully supported, you experience a deeper sense of relaxation --- a state in which there is no movement, no effort, and the brain is quiet. Restore your energy and leave feeling rejuvenated. 

Calming Core

Pilates - Gentle/Beginner

Classic Pilates movements are presented at a slower pace and with more modifications. This class is perfect for those new to Pilates. Learn how to control the breath while engaging and strengthening your core. Get individualized attention and modifications and learn this amazing body therapy technique in a safe and fun environment, all while building lean muscle.

Chakra Core

Vinyasa Sculpt - Intermediate

This 75-minute vinyasa class will incorporate traditional yoga poses with core-strengthening techniques, preparing you for challenging postures that require heightened core stability. Build strength in the spine, improve posture and create a strong foundation for movement.

Bend & Flow

Vinyasa - All Levels

Warm your body and ease into your day as we allow our muscles to open and awaken.

Pink Power

Pilates - All Levels/Intermediate

Target multiple muscle groups in this highly efficient workout, in a short period of time! Blending elements of Pilates, yoga, and your favorite toning moves, we’ll strengthen and stretch in 45 minutes, occasionally incorporating Pilates props & light weights.

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