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Sun, Feb 25


Silverton PMY&W

Healing Circle

Trusting Your Intuition

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Healing Circle
Healing Circle

Time & Location

Feb 25, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Silverton PMY&W, 1776 Hooper Ave, Toms River, NJ 08753, USA


About the Event

February Healing Circle

This month’s healing circle is focusing on developing and trusting your intuition. Lauren will be doing a healing and  activation of the crown, third-eye, and throat chakras using guided meditation to open up the channel for communicating with your higher self.

Participants will start to  learn a baseline of  the symbolic language of the universe and discover how simple it is to recognize the communication that is available to use each day. Lauren will share her unique method for speaking with Spirit through tarot cards, including using the colors, numbers, animals, sacred geometry, and more! Each attendee will receive a guide to take home and put into immediate practice. If you are someone who wants to learn tarot or develop and grow your intuitive skills, this is a great circle to attend!

Why is intuitive development so  important on our healing journey?

One of the most important components to our healing is self-trust and our ability to access our inner wisdom. There is guidance available to us that goes beyond the advice of our fellow humans. No one knows what’s best for us in any given moment better than we do and when we connect with our higher self, we can bypass our ego. However, life tends to program us to trust others before we trust ourselves. We have been immersed in a culture where we have to “trust the science” above all else, leaving very little space for the wonder and awe that miracles can create in our life. If it can’t be perceived by the 5 senses or quantifiable data, science doesn’t trust it.

Yet, miraculous healings and massive transformations have been occurring in humans since the beginning of time…as far back as recorded stories in the Bible and beyond. There is SO MUCH MORE to our existence than what we’ve been trained to believe.

We have the ability to connect with heaven just as easily as we can schedule a doctor’s appointment. We don’t need another person to do it for us either!  One of the most effective ways to jumpstart your connection to your higher self is through the use of divination tools, like tarot and oracle cards.

Our intuitive voice comes from the part of us that is not limited to the physical body we are in. It speaks to us via a frequency and vibration that we can learn to recognize and trust. When we begin to listen to our inner voice as much as we listen to the “experts,” we can see progress, growth, and healing at a much faster rate. We can improve our life experience by letting the Soul have  a voice because, after all, we are souls BEING HUMAN. Our soul’s wisdom can offer so much to our experiences of this life!

So how do we pick up on this specific voice? We tap into and develop the sensory perception that we are all born with. We learn how to see life through symbols, vibrations, energy, and archetypal language and that is what February’s healing circle is all about: learning the language of Spirit and incorporating it into your everyday life.

About Our Healing Circles

As human beings, every thought and emotion we have travels through our energetic system. The most powerful and emotive thoughts affect us on a cellular level, influencing how we feel both physically and mentally. Our bodies speak to us through sensations like pleasure and pain, and through the states of health and dis-ease. When we understand the connection of our emotions and experiences to our physical and mental well-being, we can actively empower ourselves to participate in our own healing process by incorporating a spiritual component that focuses on our beliefs, archetypes of expression, and our conscious choice to work with our personal power and soul’s coding.

Our current physical, mental, and emotional health is affected by many variables, such as our physical and emotional environment. Our relationships, both past and present, play an important role in our health, along with our beliefs, mindset, and soul’s coding. At any time, when we are feeling less than our best, we can identify the body systems that are affected and explore the energetic and emotional programming that is influencing the symptoms we are feeling. Our bodies and our spirit are always speaking to us! We just have to learn how to listen.

A healing circle, led by Lauren Komanitsky of Soul Strength Tarot and Astrology, is designed to teach others how to use their own intuition to communicate and honor their body’s needs and gain clarity on the messages that are always coming through via our physical and mental health. A healing circle uses the principles of energy medicine, crystal healing, and channeled messages from spirit to identify the energetic systems that are being depleted and the blind spots that each participant needs to become aware of. Lauren supports each participant in releasing energies that are causing dis-ease within their system and aids them in receiving the healing codes that are needed at this time.

Each session will focus on healing themes, such as grief and loss, disease and illness, fear and anxiety, depression and isolation, etc. Lauren will guide the session using various divination and healing tools such as crystals, sound healing, color therapy, essential oils, and intuitively channeled messages that will allow each participant to leave a healing circle feeling calm, confident, peaceful, and powerful, with a new perspective on how to continue leading themselves on their own healing journey.

A healing circle is not a replacement for traditional medical treatment, diagnosis, or advice. This is an alternative and holistic approach to include in your current health practices for someone who intuitively knows that it is time to incorporate energy medicine and spirituality into their life.


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