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What's a Flexible Schedule?

We realize that sunshine, bbqs, occasions, and community events fill the calendar as people start to gather during the beautiful Jersey Shore summer and our participation numbers start to drop.


A few reasons we'll be keeping things fluid over the summer:


-With COVID concerns declining (hooray!) the library is increasing its programming. We'll be working to navigate their busy schedule - and ours! Please remember that our room is actually a shared space.


-The surrounding Brielle park is home to a significant amount of community events that cause accessibility issues. Rather than have you register for a class you can't get to, we're planning ahead for them (as best we can).


-Our goal is to keep a set schedule Monday through Friday, but we know scheduling conflicts may arise along the way. Some classes may be canceled as a result.


-We will be offering weekend classes on an intermittent schedule. When class isn’t in session, we will use this time for other community and special events!


We're dropping prices as our way of saying "thank you" for understanding! 

Head over to our pricing page to check out our on-going specials.

Friendly Reminders

Please remember that class registration is required at least one hour prior to class start time. In the event no one is registered for class one hour prior to class time, class will not be held. We do not want you to come to the studio only to find that class has been canceled.

You must cancel class at least two hours prior to class start time to avoid a cancelation charge.

Please understand that our teachers often come to teach class for a single student and we ask that you be respectful of their time by canceling in advance. We understand that emergencies arise, so please reach out to us via email or chat prior to class if you find yourself in unforeseen circumstances.


During our Memorial Day to Labor Day "flexible summer schedule," class may be canceled if there are less than two (2) registrants.

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