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Updated: Dec 29, 2020


Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness Studio

Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness, a studio that lets yoga lead your way to self-discovery, kicks off its Grand Opening Celebration virtually on January 3, 2021 at 10am. One week of free community classes is scheduled to follow.

At Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness, access to yoga for all, regardless of age, size, gender, or identity, is a pillar of the studio’s belief system. Students can find comfort in knowing there is a place for every person in the space, regardless of where they may be on their journey. Classes will be available at varying levels for beginner to experienced students, however, practitioners may use their mat as a personal space in which they are invited to take any position at any time, as their body desires. In keeping with its mission to bring rejuvenation and self-love to the greater community inside and out of the studio, Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness will offer free health & wellness events on a monthly basis.

“Our goal is to elevate learning, growth, and spiritual awakening, as well as to encourage self-love and acceptance,” said Pink Moon Yoga Wellness co-founder Sarah Giberson. “The experience of yoga is truly a gift and we’re humbled to share it with the community.”

Co-founder Peg Rossi echoed her sentiment stating, “Whether you are looking for a physical challenge, to unwind, or simply for a new experience, Pink Moon has what you’ve been seeking. We’re proud of the breadth of our class offerings and the diversity of our special events.”

The yoga studio and wellness center will offer yoga classes seven days a week, along with Pilates, HIIT, and other fitness classes, as well as wellness services by appointment, including Reiki, Crystal Bowl Sound Therapy, and BioMat Healing sessions. Memberships and individual sessions are available for purchase.

Co-founder Danielle Gregor adds, “Everything in our life is made of energy including our thoughts. Our wellness services are designed to assist you in finding your mind-body connection to help you become aware of physical, emotional and mental imbalances, so we can release stagnant energy and allow our bodies to begin healing.

To register for the Grand Opening Virtual Open House and to enter to win amazing giveaways, please visit Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness’s regular class schedule begins on January 11, 2021.


Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness was co-founded by Sarah Giberson, Danielle Gregor, and Peg Rossi, whose paths diverged through the journey of yoga. With shared values of wellness, service, respect, and acceptance, these three women are committed to creating balance, peace, and happiness for and within their community. Each woman brings unique perspective and experience to their teachings and dedicates time to continuing their studies of the practice and other healing techniques.

Join us in our sacred space for yoga, soul searching, and mind-body bliss. Let yoga lead your way to self-discovery.

Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness is located in a private studio at the Brielle Library and may be accessed from the main library or the studio’s side entrance. Visit online at or call today at 732-838-7076 for more information.

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