Crystal Healing & Chakra Alignment

*Add-On Service*

  • 1 hour
  • $30-50
  • South Street

Service Description

This service is available with the purchase of Reiki Healing, Reiki Healing Deluxe, Crystal Sound Bowl Healing, and Crystal Sound Bowl Healing Deluxe for an additional $30. For $50, take home your own pack of healing crystals. In an ideal world, each of your chakras would remain open, aligned and constantly fluid. However, the inevitable stressors of our daily life can throw our chakras out of whack, causing them to become misaligned or imbalanced. This imbalance can negatively impact your body emotionally, physically and spiritually. The chakras are each associated with a corresponding color, these beautiful colors are much more than a representation, they directly relate to the functionality of each of the nerve centers within that correspond to that chakra. The potency and magnetism of crystals have been recognized for centuries. In fact, it has been believed that just wearing or carrying healing crystals corresponding to a given chakra can help that chakra become aligned. Crystals have the ability to adorn, heal, protect, manifest, transmute and transform energy. With each one holding its own frequency, crystals can be used to restore our well-being. Crystal healing therapy is a holistic treatment that uses the magnetic frequency of crystals to facilitate physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. The healing vibrations of the crystals interact with the body’s energy system to remove blockages, restore balance, and stimulate the body’s natural healing abilities. Some effects of crystal healing therapy: • Emotional release • Reduces mental stress • Aids in relaxation • Neutralizes negativity • Lifts depression • Calms the nervous system • Harmonizes the body, mind, emotions and spirit • Clears and balances the Chakras • Promote peace and tranquility • Restores well-being

Cancellation Policy

All class cancellations must be made 2 hours in advance. Late cancellations will be subject to a $10 fee or loss of a session. All services must be cancelled or rescheduled 2 hours prior to scheduled service time.

Contact Details

  • 610 South Street, Brielle, NJ, USA

    (732) 838-7076