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1. What type of classes do you offer?

Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness offers a variety of classes for all levels of experience. We are currently offering yoga in vinyasa, hatha, Pilates, sculpt, and restorative styles with specialty classes available on a pop-up basis. Join us for FREE outdoor classes at our Brielle location, on a seasonal basis.

2. Do you offer workshops?

Yes! Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness offers workshops throughout the course of the year. Whether you are looking for training to advance your practice or for a night out with friends crafting, getting in touch with your spiritual side, or learning about wellness, we have a workshop in the future that will suit your needs. Looking for something specific? Please let us know!

3. Do you offer anything for the community?

Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness hosts one free community event each month. All participants will be required to check-in in advance so we can ensure we have the appropriate space, props, and/or supplies to accommodate everyone. Although these events are free, we kindly ask that you check out and make space for another community member if you are unable to attend.

4. I tried to book a class, but I wasn't able to. What gives?


Booking is open up to one (1) hour prior to class time. If no one is checked into class at this time, class will not be held. Missed the booking window? Feel free to reach out to us. If class is being held and spaces remain open, we're happy to add you to the class roster. If you experience any other booking issues with an active membership, please call, email, or chat us for assistance.


Walk-ins are welcome at our Silverton location, however, Pilates classes and all classes scheduled prior to 7a have pre-registration requirements, which are detailed on the booking page.

5. Do you have merchandise?

Yes! Visit our online shop!

6. Do you have a restroom or changing room available?


We kindly ask that all students arrive to class in appropriate attire, however, restrooms are available in the main library and are open to all Pink Moon Yoga & Wellness students.


A private restroom and separate changing room is available for your use.

7. Should I bring water to class?

It is recommended. The library has a water refill station located to the right of the front desk in the Main Lobby. A water cooler is available at our Silverton location. All students are welcome to use either station.


8. Is there parking?



You may use the library lot to park, however, the lot can become full especially in the summer months. Street parking as well as parking in the lot adjacent to the Green Acres park is available. 


There is parking in the front and rear of the building, but we recommend parking the the back lot when space is available, as our main entrance at the back.

9. Do you offer Teacher Training?

We currently offer Pilates Teacher Training. We will offer Yoga Teacher Training in the future.

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